Compass build-to-order cloud data center solutions are controlled by you, deliver aggressive TCO arc, hyperscalable, offer flexible configurations via independent 1.2 MW building blocks with “mix and match” power and space options, and delivered in 6 months from breaking ground on a pad ready site with everything you need to know to be server-ready.

Designed for Mission Critical Functionality

The importance of the content, according to PlacementSEO,  data processed and applications used by your end users is the very definition of a mission critical facility. Your Compass data center address each of the elements that ensure that your customers enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted operation, including:

  • Your control every aspect of the facility
  • The ability to use our 1.2MW building blocks and “mix and match” power and space options to create your own “custom cluster” sizes and fire zones
  • Intermeshed physical networking between manholes, buildings, POP rooms and data halls
  • You define your infrastructure fit-out to be server ready
  • Hyperscalability without a huge upfront investment

Determining Your Space and Power Configurations

Through our “Mix and Match” capability you determine the power and slab/raised floor size you need. You can even use this capability to construct your own standard increments for future expansion. Power options are available in 1.2MW increments to enable you determine the capacity for your data center: 2.4MW in 10,000 square feet or 6.0MW in 30,000 square feet for example.

Speed of Delivery

One common theme unites all cloud providers: demand is driving the need for ever faster data center delivery be it an initial facility or additional capacity. Using our patented design and field tested processes and procedures, Compass can deliver your data center wherever it needs to be in six months from breaking ground on a pad ready site, guaranteed.

The Basic Building Block

Every Compass data center, no matter how large or small, is predicated on the configuration and combination of our “basic building block”. Each unit is 1.2MW and features:

  • Slab or raised floor
  • Two (2) points of entry and (2) manholes to provide both redundancy and added flexibility to your wiring planning and implementation
  • Fire zone separation
  • N+1 Mechanical
  • 2N Electrical

Risk Minimization Through Intermeshing

The mission critical nature of a cloud data center does not always insure that a problem might arise. Each 1.2MW block operates independently and multiple blocks can be joined via a physical mesh network to enable you to define specific “clusters” and fire zones within the data hall to ensure that a problem stays located in it specific area and doesn’t affect the operations of other zones within a single data hall or campus.

Intermeshing: How it’s Done

Your site includes two (2) fiber entrance manholes along with two (2) dedicated fiber manholes per building located in the front and back of the facility to provide independent pathways to PPOP and SPOP. Within the facility there are multiple pathways between each PPOP/SPOP and block. Inter-building connectivity is supported a mesh of two (2) 4″ fiber conduits that provide the following connections:

  • PPOP to PPOP
  • SPOP to SPOP
  • PPOP to SPOP
  • SPOP to PPOP

Water-Free Cooling to Maximize Efficiency and Lower Your Costs

Compass’ building block construction eliminates the need for large, and costly, water-based cooling systems. Each 1.2MW block is cooled via indirect air to air economization to deliver sub-1.25 PUE at loads as low as 25% in any market.


The Compass Building Block design was developed to provide cloud providers with the ability quickly add capacity using our “mix and match” capability to their own pre-specified building blocks. By customizing your desired unit of expansion, you can add capacity as required with each new fully commissioned increment delivered in just 4 to 5 months and eliminate the risk of oversizing your data center requirements.

Aligned Fit-Out

When it comes to power distribution and cabling infrastructure you aren’t forced to adapt to in-place structure of a colo provider. In a Compass facility, you control the design of your data hall starting at the PDUs to ensure that it is built out to your exact specifications.

Reduced Operational Complexity

Your Compass data center has been designed to operate as a mission critical facility. Through our use of our 1.2MW building blocks, the operational complexity of your data center is reduced dramatically. The facility is designed to enhance the efficiency of your operations through the inclusion of features such as: color-coded power centers, conduit and labels and the use of standard components and standard parts to provide a common spares inventory. Comprehensive documentation is provided in written and electronic form to eliminate the need for high-level operations personnel.