College Football Bowl Preview Picks

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In this episode, Raymond dives back into the world of college football as the playoffs take center stage. Joined by esteemed guests Mike Baudendistel and Buddy Rizer, the episode promises a lively discussion on the recent playoff selections.

As the first week of December unfolds, we take a break from the tech talk to share insights on the college football landscape. From Michigan’s anticipated presence to the controversies surrounding Florida State’s exclusion, Raymond and his guests Mike Baudendistel, Director of Sales for the Data Center sector at Bloom Energy, and Buddy Rizer, the Executive Director of Economic Development in Loudoun County – Virginia, provide a unique blend of humor and expertise.

Join the conversation as they break down the committee’s decisions, discuss the surprises and snubs, and prophesize the outcomes of the season. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just looking for a fun departure from the data center discussions, this episode promises some good old fashion sports banter.

Read the full transcript below:

Raymond Hawkins:        All right. Welcome to another edition of Not Your Father’s Data Center. I’m Raymond Hawkins, your host. Today it’s the first week of December and we are talking college football. Blessed to have along with us the Director of Sales for the Data Center Sector at Bloom Energy, Mike Baudendistel, also known as the Tipp City Tornado. Mike, how you doing, bud?

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m doing great. Good to see you.

Raymond Hawkins:        Good to have you and, for those of you who don’t know, Mike is on the West Coast so he’s up early with us and representing the Pac-12, soon to be the Pac-2.

Mike Baudendist…:       That’s right.

Raymond Hawkins:        So thank you for being with us. And all the way on the other side of the country, we have the Executive Director of Economic Development, frankly, a man who needs no introduction in Loudoun County, Buddy Rizer, Buddy out there in Loudoun County, Virginia. Thank you for joining us today, Buddy.

Buddy Rizer:                 Thank you for having us. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, we just get to talk football. I know most of the time we’re talking about serious things like how do we keep the internet running. Today we just get to have fun and I appreciate both of you joining me as we wind down the year to talk a little college football. So let’s jump right in.

                                    The selections were made day before yesterday so we’re recording here on Tuesday, December the 5th, and we found out that Michigan was in. No big surprise there. Washington was in after they beat Oregon. No big surprise there. And that Texas and Alabama rounded out the playoff. I know that left lots of people at home moaning. Especially in Florida, I saw Governor DeSantis say that the playoff was not going to be legitimate without the Florida State Seminoles in. So we’ve gotten presidential candidates to weigh in. Now let’s get the real experts to talk about it.

                                    Buddy, did the committee make the right decision taking Alabama over Florida State?

Buddy Rizer:                 I think they did. I mean, when you look at the criteria, it very clearly says strength of schedule and the clause that says other relevant factors such as unavailability of key players. I mean it’s there. You can’t go in with a third string quarterback. I mean I won a lot of money betting on Alabama because, to me, they were going to win that game against Georgia because it’s like the most Nick Saban thing ever to screw all of this up. So I was pretty much convinced from the start that that was going to happen the way it did. But I’m fine with the list as is.

Raymond Hawkins:        For those of you who are listening to us where sports wagering is not legal, Buddy meant for entertainment purposes. He’s made some money on betting on [inaudible 00:02:40].

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m in Virginia, baby.

Raymond Hawkins:        I love it. I love it. All right, Mike, I’m going to say I’m throwing my hat in the ring with Buddy. I’m a show spoiler. I think Alabama wins the playoff. I think they were absolutely the right choice but, Mike, would love to hear your thoughts on did the committee make the right choice?

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, I agree. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s about entertainment. The playoffs are about entertainment, about making money. I think they learned their lesson last year with TCU coming in and just getting completely blown out. I think they looked and said what’s going to be more for ratings? What’s going to be a better game? I think Alabama will be a better game than Florida State. So yeah, I think at the end of the day, they did what they had to do. And I get why Florida State’s upset, but I think this is a better lineup of four. I think the Buckeyes should be in, but discuss that later.

Raymond Hawkins:        Okay. All right.

Buddy Rizer:                 Let me go even bolder, Raymond. Let me go even bolder.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yes.

Buddy Rizer:                 I think if the committee did it right, I would’ve put Florida State even lower because if you look at it, do we really think that they would beat Georgia or Ohio State or Oregon? I don’t. So my thing is if you’re going to put them at five, they’re probably better at eight.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yes, I actually think so, Buddy. Completely agree with you. I think the five was a tip of the hat to Florida State, and I know that doesn’t feel good because I know they didn’t get in and, “Hey, we beat the 13 teams we played.” I understand why they’re upset but I also think would they be a favorite in Las Vegas against Oregon? They would not. Would they be a favorite in Las Vegas against Georgia? They’re probably a two touchdown [inaudible 00:04:14] against Georgia. Right?

                                    And for me, I think the number one thing, Buddy, you mentioned strength of schedule. When you have the 55th hardest schedule in the country and the four teams that are in all had top 10 schedules, I think that was the death knell. Forget about would it be competitive games against the other guys. The schedule just couldn’t stand up to what the other guys played-

Mike Baudendist…:       No.

Raymond Hawkins:        … and how do you not get Texas. And a little bit of conversation of does 1201 Texas get in? I think they absolutely get in. You win on the road at Alabama year end. I think that was an easy one.

Mike Baudendist…:       But how did Florida State stay above Georgia? I mean Georgia goes all year long back to back. I don’t understand that. That seems like the biggest spiteful move for them to say, “Look, you lost a game. We’re going to drop you below everybody.”

Raymond Hawkins:        But I think that, to Buddy [inaudible 00:05:02], I think that was more a tip of the hat to Florida State that, “Hey, we’re sorry you’re not getting in so we’re going to show you at five,” when in reality I think you could make the argument that Georgia would be better off in the playoffs than Washington or Texas. I think you could, but I don’t think you can put them in when they lose their conference championship game. I just don’t think you can.

                                    All right. So onto the games. If we have time, we’ll get to the Heisman, but let’s get in. I mean people are sitting with pen and paper ready to write down what happens in the Georgia Southern Ohio game. I mean the buzz is unbelievable and I think we owe it to people to help guide how they might spend their holiday season. So let’s jump right out with the Georgia Southern Ohio matchup. I mean have you ever seen the Bobcats not play great in mid-December? Let’s think about that. Mike and I having both gone to high school in Ohio so-

Mike Baudendist…:       Absolutely.

Raymond Hawkins:        Mike, hit lead off. You got Georgia Southern and the Bobcats.

Mike Baudendist…:       Well, I got it. You know I love my MAC. You know I love my Bobcats-

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, it’s MAC Nation.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, it’s MAC Nation. I don’t know. I’m looking at the records. Don’t care about the records. Throwing it all out. Ohio-

Raymond Hawkins:        Throw it all out. I mean it’s the Bobcats.

Mike Baudendist…:       The Bobcats. Lovely uniforms, bright green. I’m going to Bobcats because I’m a home worker from Ohio, so I’m going to go with Ohio.

Raymond Hawkins:        I love it. Buddy?

Buddy Rizer:                 Same. I’m going to go with Ohio.

Raymond Hawkins:        God, it’s a clean sweep, the Bobcats, because I’m a hundred percent on the Bobcats. I just got to tell you as much as I love, and I don’t know if I can spin the camera around, I have Erk Russell’s picture on my wall in my office, the man who created the Georgia Southern program. I love Erk and, Erk, please don’t hold this against me, but I’m also going with the Bobcats.

                                    Just quick Erk Russell trivia question. He is the last athlete at Auburn to have four varsity letters in the same year.

Mike Baudendist…:       Wow.

Raymond Hawkins:        So talk about being a two-sport star. He lettered in track, baseball, football and tennis all in the same academic year.

Buddy Rizer:                 How did he do academically?

Raymond Hawkins:        Well, he’s a football coach, Buddy. I think that tells us all we need to know about Erk’s love of [inaudible 00:07:18].

Mike Baudendist…:       And a fine student, I’m sure.

Raymond Hawkins:        He was a student athlete. Student athlete. All right. Well, I don’t know that we probably need to pick the Celebration Bowl, but I mean are the Rattlers going to take down the Bison at Howard? I think it’s possible. So for those of you who plan to dial in on the 16th, I don’t want to leave you at home wondering. The Florida A&M Rattlers versus I think the Bison … Isn’t Howard the Bison? I think they are.

Mike Baudendist…:       It’s the Bison.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. All right, Mike, give us to us.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, I don’t know anything about this game. Didn’t know anything about Howard Bison at all, but I’m going to go based on the record only. Since Howard Bison were six and five, according to my notes, I’m going to go the opposite with Florida A&M. Plus the name, the Rattlers, great name.

Raymond Hawkins:        You stole my thunder. I just got to take the Rattlers.

Mike Baudendist…:       That’s just great.

Raymond Hawkins:        Buddy?

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m going to go the other way. I’m going to go home field advantage, East Coast baby, Howard.

Raymond Hawkins:        Look at Howard. All right. We got our first separation game. All right. Let’s head on down to New Orleans. Without a doubt, my favorite beignet spot in the world, Cafe de Monde, you can’t beat it. We got Jacksonville State facing Louisiana. It confuses me because they dropped Louisiana Lafayette and just went Louisiana. I don’t understand it. But for those of you at home, this is Louisiana Lafayette, Jacksonville State versus Louisiana Lafayette in the New Orleans Bowl. They don’t have to travel far. Buddy, who you got?

Buddy Rizer:                 I’ve got Louisiana in this.

Raymond Hawkins:        Oh, I think the home cooking. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m going the same thing. Six and six record, playing at home. I don’t think Jacksonville State really cares. Plus they’re the Ragin’ Cajuns. Again, I’m going with the name.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. How do you not pick the Ragin’ Cajuns in New Orleans?

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. It’s a clean sweep for me. I’m with you on the Ragin’ Cajuns. I think that they get to drive to the game and that matters. I am not sure what the Cure Bowl is. This is in Orlando. I just have to admit it. I know we’re up to 42 bowls. The Cure Bowl. I don’t know-

Mike Baudendist…:       You know the official title, Ray? I’m looking-

Raymond Hawkins:        No, you got to give me the whole thing. Give me the whole thing.

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m not lying about this. It’s the Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl.

Raymond Hawkins:        Okay, there you have it. I mean I’m pretty biased. I only eat my avocados when they come from Mexico. I don’t eat South Texas avocados. All right. The Appalachian state, Miami of Ohio, got our second Ohio team in here. Formerly … Well, now the RedHawks. Used to be the Miami … What was it?

Mike Baudendist…:       Redskins.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, Redskins.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, when we grew up.

Raymond Hawkins:        In Orlando still early December, still mid-December, I guess the 16th. Who do we got? Buddy, Miami or App State?

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m going App State and for the only reason that I had a girlfriend that went to Miami of Ohio and she screwed me over and I can never root for anything going on there.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. I mean she’s probably part of the reason they had to change the name, just to try to change their identity. Without a doubt. All right, Mike, you got Miami or you got App State?

Mike Baudendist…:       No, I love Miami. I grew up down the road from Miami. Love Miami. I was just there last month. RedHawks all the way.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I got to say, I mean I hope that Buddy’s heart is healed, but I’m still going with the RedHawks.

Buddy Rizer:                 Maybe that bitterness can last, right? Bitterness [inaudible 00:10:35]-

Raymond Hawkins:        Right [inaudible 00:10:38].

Buddy Rizer:                 [inaudible 00:10:38] a few years ago maybe. I don’t know.

Raymond Hawkins:        Hey, it leaves an impression.

Mike Baudendist…:       Does it affect your betting anybody, these past memories? Is that how you bet?

Buddy Rizer:                 No. No, actually I work hard on my betting, but no money available here. So I go with my heart.

Raymond Hawkins:        And, guys, I may have to abstain from this next pick as an Auburn graduate, playing New Mexico State is still a tender subject for me. I don’t know how you take Alabama to the last play of the game, but yet you get blown out at home by New Mexico State. So I’m going to abstain so that I don’t blurt any obscenities and have the SCC call us.

                                    So in the New Mexico Bowl, we got the Fresno State Bulldogs against the New Mexico State Aggies, I think?

Mike Baudendist…:       Correct.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. Is that right.

Mike Baudendist…:       Correct.

Raymond Hawkins:        Buddy, who do you got?

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m going to go with the Aggies.

Raymond Hawkins:        All right. I think it’s a smart pick.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, it’s a home game. Again, it’s another one of those home games. It’s surprising how many of these games when I looked it up yesterday are they got a home team playing. Must be trying to save some travel budget. I’m going to go with the Aggies myself as well.

Raymond Hawkins:        Have you seen oil prices, Mike? I mean we got to keep travel costs down.

Mike Baudendist…:       I understand.

Raymond Hawkins:        All right. I’m abstaining because everyone knows I’d take Fresno State and I’d say something ugly. So, all right, we’re going to keep it close to home for Mike while we talk about home games. In Inglewood, the LA Bowl. I mean because LA needs some promotion. Nobody knows that city’s there. You need to pump it up. Get your own bowl game. UCLA, I think they’re nearby having to face Boise State. I know who our friend Ty Miller would take, but he’s not here today, Mike. So UCLA, Boise State?

Mike Baudendist…:       Well, first, let’s talk about this game. The exact title of this game I’m looking at it here is the Starco Brands LA Bowl hosted by Gronk. That’s the exact … I’m not lying-

Raymond Hawkins:        Wait, you got to be … Hosted by Gronk?

Mike Baudendist…:       This says hosted by Gronk. It says right there. So you remember last year, this was the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl last year, if you remember.

Raymond Hawkins:        Oh, that’s right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mike Baudendist…:       The ROI wasn’t great for Jimmy’s investment last year so he backed out. Gronk’s in and LA Bowl, this is an embarrassment for someone who lives in LA that-

Raymond Hawkins:        Wait, guys, I got an idea. Next year, let’s call it the LA Bowl hosted by BMR, Buddy, Mike and Raymond. We can all pitch in and we can end up having our own bowl game, guys.

Mike Baudendist…:       I think it’s out for sale. Bowls are for sale basically because Gronk and Starco Brands, whoever they are, Starco are in. But to get to your question here is it’s a home game. Again, the Bruins, I got to go with Ty. I love the Bruins, love the uniforms. They play well in bowl games. I’m going UCLA.

Buddy Rizer:                 I agree. I mean it’s another one of Mike’s home field Advantage games, and so I’m going to go with that as well.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I think the Bruins, frankly, handle Boise. Boise isn’t what they were in past years, and I think UCLA just outmans them all day and love the fact that they get to, again, drive to the games. So I’m with you. We are going with the Bruins. It’s a clean sweep for the Bruins as we are almost done with December 16th. We got one more in Shreveport just right around the corner from me. I mean nothing says a weekend away from Dallas like a weekend in Shreveport. There’s lovely casinos there. It’s often called the Garden Spot of Louisiana. I don’t know if you guys knew that. The Independence Bowl which, near and dear to my heart, at one point was the Poulan. As a guy who loves yard work, the Poulan Independence Bowl. Now just the Independence Bowl unless, Mike, you got some more notes you want to-

Mike Baudendist…:       Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl.

Raymond Hawkins:        Radiance Technology.

Mike Baudendist…:       As a host, I expect you to have this information, right, but you don’t know.

Raymond Hawkins:        There’s a reason we invite you.

Mike Baudendist…:       Okay.

Raymond Hawkins:        Get your guns up. Texas Tech and the Cal Bears. I was fortunate enough to be in Cal in Berkeley watching Cal lose to my Auburn Tigers earlier this year. Buddy, Texas Tech versus the Cal Bears, who do you got?

Buddy Rizer:                 First of all, I’m excited that they’re letting you cross state lines again to go to Louisiana.

Raymond Hawkins:        Well, I have a bracelet. I have a bracelet. Let’s be fair. It’s not totally unmonitored.

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m going Texas Tech in this one.

Raymond Hawkins:        All right. Get your guns up. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       This is another one of those ballgames I hate. The two six and six teams playing each other. So one’s going to come out a loser, losing record, but the Golden Bears, Red Raiders. I’m going to go Red Raiders, take the six and six Red Raiders.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. Texas Tech, get your guns up. I mean lots of people forget it. Patrick Mahomes, famous Red Raider quarterback. I’m with you. I think the Red Raiders handle them, and for those of you who might be in the position to make a wager, that will wrap up your first Saturday of bowl season and that will carry you into Monday because you’ll have gotten your fix to play pro games on Sunday. And now we’re out to Monday, December the 18th, and the Bahama Bowl, which I think used to be, if I’m doing my homework right, used to be the Famous Toastery Bowl. I mean who remember … Nothing said New Year’s Day like the Famous Toastery Bowl back in the day. And now we have to just go with the Bahama Bowl. So the Western Kentucky, I think, Mountaineers versus Old Dominion. No, no. Western Kentucky-

Mike Baudendist…:       [inaudible 00:16:08].

Raymond Hawkins:        Oh, Western Kentucky-

Mike Baudendist…:       Power house, they were a power house, seven and five this year. Lived up to their name.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, Golly. All right, I’m not going to Google it. I’m going to try to remember this. I’m showing my age. The Western Kentucky … Hilltoppers.

Mike Baudendist…:       There you go. Good for you.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, Hilltoppers. I knew if I dug in there, I knew it was in there. Just I can’t always connect the dots anymore. Against ODU, which I think is awfully near, Buddy. Buddy, how far are you from Old Dominion?

Buddy Rizer:                 A couple of hours. Not far at all. But first I want to say that this is always going to be the Famous Toastery Bowl to me. [inaudible 00:16:43] right downstairs and if you are going to have lunch or breakfast with me, it’s going to be at Famous Toastery but I’ll go with ODU on this.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I mean a man of tradition. Nothing like the tradition that Buddy holds up. I mean the pinstripes, the Famous Toastery Bowl. I mean those kinds of things, iconic things in sports.

Buddy Rizer:                 That’s right.

Raymond Hawkins:        All right. So going with the home team, ODU. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       I want to go with Old Dominion. They’re six and six, they’re a favorite, but the Hilltoppers, I’m going to go with the Hilltoppers. I feel like they’re going to show up. So Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.

Raymond Hawkins:        Man, I like ODU. I like the uniforms. I like that they’re still fairly new in playing … What do we call it now? I still want to say Division One but in playing Football Bowl, Subdivision football, but I think I got to go with the Hilltoppers.

                                    All right. So there’s not a lot of action on Monday the 18th. You’re going to have to play Hilltoppers, ODU, and the Money Night NFL game. But thank goodness Tuesday’s coming. And for those of us here in Dallas, Texas, just up the road in Frisco, we’ve got the Marshall, probably the best nickname in Division One Football, the Thundering Herd up against UTSA. For those of you who don’t know, that is University of Texas San Antonio, also another still young program. Thundering Herd, UTSA. They just got a jump on 35, drive straight up from San Antonio for this one. 9:00 p.m. starts, so I won’t be there. That’s my bedtime.

Mike Baudendist…:       Wow.

Raymond Hawkins:        But interested to see the Thundering Herd play the San Antonio Roadrunners, UTSA Roadrunners. Buddy, Frisco, if you can make it down, a cute little stadium holds 20,000 people. Great spot. The Roadrunners versus the Thundering Herd, Buddy.

Buddy Rizer:                 I’ve actually been in Frisco four times in the last year so that says a lot. Right? But again, I’m going to go with the regional, the Von Lane bus route, and I’m going to go with UTSA on this.

Raymond Hawkins:        Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, it’s the same thing. Local home game, Roadrunners, great name. I’ll root for the Roadrunners playing that sole lonely game on Tuesday by yourself, I don’t think the traveling team gives a crap. So I think I’m going to go with the home team there, USTA.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. I got to think that the Thundering Herd make the long trek back to West Virginia with their tail between their legs. I think the Roadrunners are a double-digit favorite, aren’t they? I think they’re [inaudible 00:19:21].

Mike Baudendist…:       They are, for entertainment purposes, eight and a half.

Raymond Hawkins:        Eight and a half for entertainment purposes. Yeah, not that we would promote gambling and please never bet something you can’t afford to lose.

Mike Baudendist…:       Right.

Raymond Hawkins:        All right. So Wednesday, nobody’s got any action. You’re just going to have to hold on, white knuckle it until you can get to Thursday for the Boca Raton Bowl, South Florida Bulls facing the Orangemen of Syracuse. I mean nothing says college football like Syracuse. We know basketball season’s coming. We know the South Florida Bulls have tried to make their way, Syracuse a three and a half point favorite I think in this one, in Boca Raton on Thursday. I got another theme that, for me, I’m sticking with the guys that get to drive to the ball game, so I’m taking the Bulls. Buddy, who you got?

Buddy Rizer:                 So I’m going to go against the home team on this one and I’m going to go with the Orangemen from Syracuse.

Raymond Hawkins:        I think Jim Brown … He went somewhere near there too, didn’t he?

Buddy Rizer:                 Yeah, yeah.

Mike Baudendist…:       Nearby.

Raymond Hawkins:        Just to name two.

Buddy Rizer:                 Yeah.

Mike Baudendist…:       What do we got here? The Boca Raton Bowl.

Raymond Hawkins:        Mike, did you take the Orangemen or the Bulls?

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m going to go with Syracuse. I’m going to buck the trend here a little bit. Syracuse, they are a favorite. I get it. They’re on the road. They’re outside the dome. I’m going with Syracuse.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. Can you imagine those guys in Florida in December? I mean they’re going to leave nine degrees and lake effect snow and they’re going to go down to Boca and it’s going to be 107% humidity and 88 degrees.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah.

Raymond Hawkins:        I think it’s going to be rough on the Orangemen, even though they’re a three point favorite. I’m not sure I can pronounce Gasparilla properly. I’m still not sure I did it. But we are getting to Friday, the end of the week, and Georgia Tech facing Central Florida in Tampa. For those of you who don’t know, Tampa is in Central Florida. Noticing a strong Biden economy we can’t afford to travel theme in this year’s whole season. That’s what happens when gas is four bucks. So Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets-

Mike Baudendist…:       Four?

Raymond Hawkins:        That’s right. I live in Texas. Eight dollars for you two.

Mike Baudendist…:       I’ll take four any day. [inaudible 00:21:33].

Raymond Hawkins:        I forget my friends are both on the coast. All right. In the Gasparilla Bowl, the Yellow Jackets versus the Golden Knights. Do I have that right? I think that’s right.

Mike Baudendist…:       Correct.

Raymond Hawkins:        Central Florida. Gus Malzahn, right? Former Auburn head football coach, Gus Malzahn, head coach of Central Florida.

Mike Baudendist…:       A lot of Auburn drops I noticed. There’s a third or fourth Auburn drop that you’ve had.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. I’m going to get a reference in. I’m going to get a reference in, yeah, if it’s possible. All right, Buddy, the Yellow Jackets, my father’s alma mater or Central Florida?

Buddy Rizer:                 I think I’m going to go with Central Florida on this.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I’m with you. Give me the Golden Knights, Mike.

Mike Baudendist…:       Two six and six teams. I don’t know who’s favorite here. Central Florida’s favorite by four and a half. I’m going to switch it up. I’m going Georgia Tech-

Raymond Hawkins:        [inaudible 00:22:19].

Mike Baudendist…:       They’re on the road. They’re happy to be there, happy to be in a bowl. I’m going to go with them.

Raymond Hawkins:        There’s your bracket breaker, folks. Get on Tech early. All right. Now nothing says football success like the Birmingham Bowl. If you have earned a trip to Birmingham in December, I mean your program is on the way up. So there’s no question that Troy, which is about 90 miles from Birmingham, maybe even a little bit less, and Duke in the Birmingham Bowl. Again, I’m back on the somebody’s coming via Greyhound and somebody’s coming via an airplane. So Duke-Troy in the Birmingham Bowl. Buddy, who you got?

Buddy Rizer:                 I like this Duke program. I mean they don’t get much credit, but I think it’s a good program and I’m going to go with Duke in this.

Raymond Hawkins:        Wow. Buddy taking the seven-point dog. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m doing the same. I like Duke. I like the program. I think they’re becoming more of a football school and they have great uniforms.

Raymond Hawkins:        Didn’t their coach, didn’t he just take the job at A&M? Isn’t that where he went?

Mike Baudendist…:       I believe so. I believe so, yes.

Raymond Hawkins:        All right, guys, I’m going to stick with the Greyhound theme. If you can get there via bus, I’m taking you. I think the men of Troy as a full touchdown favorite hand it to the Blue Devils. Come March Madness, I’ll be on Duke but still a little early for me to be on the Blue Devils. All right. We’re still on a Saturday, which means we’ve got lots of football. I have no idea how to say the Camellia Bowl. I’m not sure I said that right. I went to Auburn. Reading is not a main subject there.

Mike Baudendist…:       Or required.

Raymond Hawkins:        It’s not required. Yeah, you don’t have to … It’s not part of it. The Camellia Bowl, Arkansas State, I’m not even sure … If it wasn’t for Arkansas and their name, I wouldn’t know what state they played in. Never heard of them. Northern Illinois, I think they’re the Huskies only because I love the MAC. If you thought you’d reached the pinnacle of football by getting to Birmingham in December, Montgomery is another step up. I mean you get to Montgomery, Fungomery as a lot of people call it, you get to Montgomery in December, I mean there’s lots of teams headed to camp this fall and they have T-shirts that say On The Road To Montgomery. I mean that’s where they’re headed. Everyone wants to end up in Montgomery in December. So the Huskies or Arkansas State, by the way, both of them have to fly in. We don’t get the easy pick. Arkansas State versus the Northern Illinois Huskies.

Mike Baudendist…:       I’ll be honest. Didn’t know Arkansas State had a team. I did do a little research. They were six and six but here’s what made me pick them. Their mascot is the Red Wolves, it’s great, the Red Wolves.

Raymond Hawkins:        It’s very intimidating.

Mike Baudendist…:       It’s Two six and six teams. Let’s take the Red Wolves purely for the name only.

Raymond Hawkins:        Well, the good news is Vegas is as confused as we are because this game is anywhere from Northern Illinois by a point to Arkansas State by a point and a half. That means that they are cranking it out there in Las Vegas trying to figure it out. They’re as confused as we are.

                                    Buddy, can you help clarify for us? Is it the Red Wolves or the Huskies? By the way, the fact that it’s an all canine game, I mean you got to watch just for that reason.

Buddy Rizer:                 Well, and Red Wolves is one of the reasons … This team is one of the reasons why the Redskins of Washington could not be the Red Wolves because they had a hard time with that. So I’m going Northern Illinois.

Raymond Hawkins:        All right, the Huskies. So I’m just going to show my MAC bias. I mean people say all the time, “Raymond just got a strong MAC bias.” I’m going with the Huskies. Give me Northern Illinois. Northern Illinois comes into Montgomery, they own that town. I mean everybody knows that. It’s common knowledge.

                                    For those of you who are excited about college football two days before Christmas, you got to be fired up about Air Force facing JMU. For those of you, for entertainment purposes only, I rode JMU all year. I think I went 11 and one this year playing JMU. I mean Vegas never gave them credit all year. Those boys covered like nobody’s business. So Air Force JMU, Air Force had a great year. I think I’ve already tipped my hat. I’m just going to go tell you. I’m taking JMU, a three point favorite.

                                    But, Buddy, Air Force JMU right here in Dallas-Fort Worth over there at TCU’s campus in Fort Worth, in the Armed Forces Pool.

Buddy Rizer:                 Listen, JMU is local. They’ve had an amazing year and my boss is a graduate of JMU and I don’t want to get sideways with him any more than I already am. So I’m going to go with JMU.

Raymond Hawkins:        To save his job, Buddy takes JMU. That’s excellent.

Mike Baudendist…:       Raymond, I’m going to go with … I love what JMU did. Good program, great record, 11 to one. I can’t go against Air Force. Loves to get any of the Armed services in bowl games. I’m going with Air Force. What are they? The Falcons? Yeah, going with Air Force.

Raymond Hawkins:        I think the Falcons which, by the way, the Falcons with a lightning bolt. I struggle. It’s always been incongruent for me but I like seeing the service academies get in bowl games, but I think JMU is just too good. So we got one guy on the Falcons and Buddy and I both staying close to home with JMU.

                                    All right. We’re still on Saturday, December the 23rd and, man, ever since the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl got on the docket, I’ve had a hard time thinking about anything but the Idaho Potato Bowl. You got Georgia State, the Panthers, if I’m not mistaken, and the fact that I can do this from memory is modestly impressive. Georgia State Panthers versus the Utah State Aggies, if I’m not mistaken. Again, both of these guys have to fly in. I don’t know what they know about football in Idaho outside of Boise, but this game will be played on the blue turf. One of the hardest things to watch on television, the blue turf. I’m going to jump out right now and go with my Georgia State Panthers, but I’m happy to hear Mike and Buddy offer why the Aggies might handle the Panthers.

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m going with you. First of all, the blue fields, the only worse is these NBA courts for the play-in series which are just horrendous to try to watch a game on.

Raymond Hawkins:        It’s awful.

Buddy Rizer:                 Give me green. Give me hardwood. Give me anything but. That said, I’m going with you on this one, Raymond.

Raymond Hawkins:        I think Buddy stirred the pot here. What the heck is this play-in tournament? What in the world? I mean when you have to spend more time explaining it to people, what kind of marketing gimmick is this? Just awful. In season play-in tournament, what? I can’t even understand it.

Buddy Rizer:                 It’s the only way that they could find this year to get meaningful games in Vegas. So there’s a whole conspiracy there that we got to uncover at some point. But yes, I agree with you.

Raymond Hawkins:        And I can’t understand the logo. I mean I know you alluded to it. What is the thing they paint in the middle? I don’t know what the NBA is thinking.

Buddy Rizer:                 It’s unwatchable.

Raymond Hawkins:        It is unwatchable. That is exactly right. I mean if the NBA wasn’t hard enough to get through it. I mean the bottom line is all my basketball viewing time goes to the WNBA. That’s a dynamic sport. Mike, before we get in any further trouble, bail me out here. Who you got in the Utah State Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?

Mike Baudendist…:       This is another two six and six records. Two teams that don’t really want to be in Boise, Idaho playing this game on a blue field. I say it ends in a tie.

Raymond Hawkins:        Oh, I love it. I love it. A tie, yeah.

Mike Baudendist…:       There’s complete apathy. Don’t care. It’s zero zero.

Raymond Hawkins:        If we can get a tie out of this game, we will forever change the history of college football.

Mike Baudendist…:       And the money line on a tie is nice. So you got to take a look at that. It’s a good money line.

Raymond Hawkins:        For entertainment purposes.

Mike Baudendist…:       For those of us in California, it’s play money only.

Raymond Hawkins:        Somebody’s got to help me. On the 23rd here, we clearly have an Alabama theme, right? We’ve already played a game in Montgomery. We’ve already played a game in Birmingham and now we get to go to my father’s home city of Mobile. I have no idea what the 68 Ventures Bowl is. This has to be one of the new ones this year. Eastern Michigan against South Alabama. For those of you who don’t know, USA University of South Alabama is in Mobile. So we’re back on the Greyhound theme. Anyone? Mike, your research, what is the 68 Ventures?

Mike Baudendist…:       I didn’t look it up. Just glossed over. It’s just another one of those one-year wonders. They won’t be sponsoring it next year. They just had some extra budget. They’re out.

Buddy Rizer:                 68 Ventures is an investment company in Daphne, Alabama.

Raymond Hawkins:        Of course. I mean all the big deals get done in Daphne. This one could be the potential Mike Baudendistel Bowl. Just if you want to put together a package deal with LA.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yes, I agree. We can get this one too.

Raymond Hawkins:        That’s what I’m saying. We could pick up two.

Mike Baudendist…:       I think there’s going to be quite a few next year available, I think, and they’re going to add a few more. This one’s Eastern Michigan.

Raymond Hawkins:        And again, South Alabama. I think the Cougars, right, South Alabama?

Mike Baudendist…:       Close. You’re in the same species. The Jaguars.

Raymond Hawkins:        Jaguars. Jaguars. Dang it. Dang it. Dang it. I’m losing it. All right. Jaguars against EMU. Vegas has got the Jaguars big, more than two touchdowns. I think it’s 15 and a hook.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, it is 15 and a half. I love the MAC Eastern Michigan right up there, but there’s no way 15 and a half playing at home basically. South Alabama all the way.

Buddy Rizer:                 If you’re in the points, I would take Eastern Michigan but straight up, I’m taking South Alabama.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I mean whatever big cat they’re representing that weekend, I’m on with the South Alabama Leopards, Cougars … What was it? Jaguars?

Mike Baudendist…:       Pumas.

Raymond Hawkins:        Jaguars, Pumas. I don’t care which one it is. I’m taking the big cats. All right. So we’re getting out of Alabama, but we are not getting out of the 23rd, two days before Christmas. You’re building bicycles, you’re wrapping packages, you’re racing off to the mall because you forgot somebody. And while you’re doing it, you’ve tuned into the Las Vegas Bowl where Northwestern is facing Utah, the Utes. I think a bit of a disappointing year for the Utes. I don’t think they started the season thinking they’d land in Las Vegas. Northwestern versus Utah. Buddy, who do you got?

Buddy Rizer:                 Well, I mean both of these teams have had weird years, right? It’s really the dysfunction bowl would be more probably appropriate. But I’m going to go with Northwestern.

Raymond Hawkins:        I’m with you. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       I mean Utah can’t be happy, as you said. They never thought they’d wind up in this bowl. I still think they’re a better team. I didn’t know Northwestern are still playing in the Big Ten. I thought they moved out of the Big Ten to make room for others. So I’m surprised they still [inaudible 00:33:13]. I’m going to go with the Utes in a disappointing year finishing strong.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I’m with Buddy. Northwestern just because they care a little bit more. They’re not as disappointed as Utah to be in Las Vegas two days before Christmas.

Buddy Rizer:                 Can I say that no one should be disappointed to be going to Las Vegas ever?

Raymond Hawkins:        That’s fair. That’s fair. No question. That’s fair. I think in keeping with that theme, San Jose State and Coastal Carolina get to go to Hawaii on the 23rd as well. I’ve already said that the Thundering Herd is the best name. I think this is the second best name in college football. I mean the Chanticleers? I don’t know how you take anyone that faces the Chanticleers. So I’ve already shown my bias. Give me the Chanticleers in Honolulu against San Jose State.

Mike Baudendist…:       Talk about a travel. What a travel game it is for the Coastal Carolina all the way to Hawaii. It might affect their play.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, eleven and a half hours.

Mike Baudendist…:       Not going to go against Chanticleer, though. Don’t know what a Chanticleer is. Love to see the logo and the mascot. I’m not sure but I’m going with them as well. Despite the travel, I’m going with them.

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m going … Terrible travel disadvantage, San Jose State.

Raymond Hawkins:        Buddy probably picks up one game on us with that one, but I just can’t not say Chanticleer four or five times any time they’re on the show.

Mike Baudendist…:       You’re screaming Chanticleers all game long.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, without a doubt. Without a doubt. I’ve got a bell and I just ring it and yell Chanticleer the whole time. It’s amazing.

                                    All right, so Christmas, we’ve gotten it done. We’ve had the family over. We’ve opened all the packages and now it’s Tuesday. It’s December 26th. The bowl games are starting to get serious. The Quick Lane Bowl, which means we’re going to pick up the pace. We got Bowling Green in Minnesota. Thank goodness the MAC is back on TV because I’ve had MAC withdrawal. They’ve been off since Saturday. I’ve made it to Tuesday and MAC is back on facing the Gophers of Minnesota.

Mike Baudendist…:       The Gophers with the losing record. I thought this was a typo. I looked it up twice. They’re five and seven, a Big Ten team five and seven at a bowl game. I absolutely cannot go with them. I’m going Bowling Green, another MAC school in Ohio. I’m a homer so that’s what I’m going with.

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m going Minnesota. Go, Gophers.

Raymond Hawkins:        So Minnesota’s definitely got more talent than Bowling Green, but Minnesota could care less and PJ Fleck is going to try to get them to row the boat, but give me Bowling Green.

                                    All right. Love our first responders. We’re back in DFW. We got Texas State facing Rice, the All Texas Game. Two schools, for those of you who don’t know, Rice plays Division One Football out of Houston. A lot of folks don’t know it because they’re awful. Texas State versus Rice here in Dallas on the 26th.

Buddy Rizer:                 Who’s closer?

Raymond Hawkins:        It’s a good question. It’s close. Texas State is just a little bit south of Dallas. It’s about a three-hour drive for them. It’s about a four and a half hour drive for Rice. So it’s a good call, good clarification.

Buddy Rizer:                 Texas State.

Raymond Hawkins:        I guess that tells us that Buddy’s on the Bobcats.

Buddy Rizer:                 Yes.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, I don’t know anything about either one of these teams. Texas State sounds like they’re due to win a bowl game. So I’m going to go with Texas State.

Raymond Hawkins:        Let me just tell you. The Bobcats are playing the Owls. Think about that. It’s got to be Texas State and, besides that, they have an Auburn transfer quarterback starting at Texas State. Not that I knew but-

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m going to ring a bell every time there’s an Auburn reference. Ding, ding.

Raymond Hawkins:        Kansas, we’re sticking with the 26th. We’re still on Tuesday. We got Kansas at UNLV. Well, UNLV had a surprise year and Kansas, boy, has that program turned around. I mean absolutely the worst Division One football program for years, fun to watch Kansas this season. So in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl, I have no idea what that means. It means you can get a seven and a half percent mortgage. Again, nothing like by Bidenomics. Kansas versus UNLV to wrap up your Tuesday night of entertainment purposes wagering.

Mike Baudendist…:       Wow. Don’t know anything about these [inaudible 00:37:11]. I think Kansas is a huge favorite. Let’s go with [inaudible 00:37:14].

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. Kansas I think has got 10 or 11.

Mike Baudendist…:       As long as we’re not playing against the spread. I’m going to take the obvious choice here. Let’s go with Kansas. Twelve and a half I got them on.

Buddy Rizer:                 Yeah, and Kansas is a fun team to watch. I’ll take them.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I love the Jayhawks. All right. We get to the 27th. We got VTEC and Tulane. We got another one near Buddy’s neck of the woods. We’ve gotten out of the Tuesday, we’re into Wednesday. We got the Military Bowl, not to be confused with the Armed Forces Bowl. Tulane and Virginia Tech in Maryland. So not a far drive for the Hokies.

Buddy Rizer:                 I have a Virginia Tech diploma on my wall, so I’m going Virginia Tech.

Mike Baudendist…:       [inaudible 00:37:49].

Raymond Hawkins:        I think it’s a clean sweep for the Hokies.

Mike Baudendist…:       So my thought here, Tulane was 11 and two this year against the Hokies, they were six and six and the Hokies are favored. Who did Tulane play to be 11 and two to be an underdog in a bowl game. Something stinks in that one. I’m going with Virginia Tech. Something’s not right.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. Give me the seven point Virginia Tech Hokies. They’re going to mop the field with Tulane. The green wave. All right. So we’re rolling on. You got to love the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. It’s in North Carolina. You got the Tar Heels facing West Virginia. Love the theme. I’m going with the Tar Heels. Yes, I was born in North Carolina. Got a little bit of powder blue in me. Not a lot because I just got overwhelmed by the orange. But give me North Carolina against West Virginia. Buddy, the Duke Mayo’s Bowl?

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m in on North Carolina as well.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, absolutely. It’s a home game again playing in Charlotte. There’s a theme here about the bowl games. There’s obviously some tight budgets this year, so yeah, another home game. Duke’s Mayo Bowl, my favorite, they’re obviously getting their money’s worth because they come back every year to sponsor. I love it.

Raymond Hawkins:        It’s a great sponsorship.

Mike Baudendist…:       What’s that trophy look like? Duke’s Mayo Bowl Trophy?

Raymond Hawkins:        It is a big jar of Duke’s mayo.

Mike Baudendist…:       That’s awesome.

Raymond Hawkins:        It’s so good. And the coach gets doused in mayo which is epic. Yeah, it’s so good. All right. Probably one of … It’s not the granddaddy, it’s not the Rose Bowl but have you had some great holiday bowls where the finals were 49-47? I mean if there’s a fun game to watch, it’s the Holiday Bowl. So we start getting into the ranked teams. We got Louisville playing Southern Cow in San Diego in the Holiday Bowl. We’re still at the end of December here. I think it’s Wednesday the 27th. We got Holiday Bowl, Louisville, Southern Cal. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m always against USC. Just living out here and being surrounded … If I see one more USC vanity license plate on the highway, I’m going to puke. So I’m going against USC. Louisville. Love this game. Love the shootout. Been to many of them. Definitely going with Louisville.

Buddy Rizer:                 Kip Williams has announced he’s not playing in the game. The USC defense is horrible. So I’m going to, in this game, take Louisville and take the over.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I think Southern Cal only plays with nine defenders.

Buddy Rizer:                 Yeah.

Raymond Hawkins:        I can’t confirm that but I think that’s right. I’m a hundred percent on Louisville. All right. Back into the great state of Texas. We got Oklahoma State versus the Aggies. The Aggies $77 million dollars lighter. In the Texas Bowl, who you got, Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       Oklahoma State.

Buddy Rizer:                 Oklahoma State.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. Gundy runs it up on the Aggies. I’m with you both there. All right. We’re getting to the end of the year. We are in Boston. SMU, another Texas school, playing Boston College. We once again notice the Greyhound connection. Buddy, who you got? Boston College, SMU.

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m going to go against the Greyhound connection here. It’s great for college football to have SMU back. So I’m in on SMU.

Raymond Hawkins:        Mike? Boston College or SMU?

Mike Baudendist…:       From last year’s podcast, you know I hate these bowl games in baseball stadiums. It’s just stupid. I don’t know why we’re doing it.

Raymond Hawkins:        It looks weird. It looks weird.

Mike Baudendist…:       I don’t get it. So I’m going to go … I might go against my travel team on this point. What is it, SMU’s traveling? It’s a long way to Boston. I’m thinking SMU. Absolutely.

Raymond Hawkins:        SMU’s just got too much offense. Rhett Lashlee. The former Auburn offensive coordinator, head coach at SMU. I’m with Buddy. It’s great to have SMU relevant again and they’re going to roll Boston College.

                                    All right. We’re still in baseball stadiums. We got Rutgers and Miami, the Miami that’s at the bottom of Florida, not the Miami that’s in Ohio. Rutgers, the Scarlet Knights versus the U.

Buddy Rizer:                 Maybe I’m living in the past, but I’m going with the U.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I’m with you.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah. Seven to five. Looks like … I don’t have a spread on that one. But again, don’t like baseball-themed games. Let’s take Miami. Yeah, Miami.

Raymond Hawkins:        I [inaudible 00:41:52] on the U. I love Pop-Tarts. And I’m now grateful that it has its own bowl game and no better way to start your day than with a strawberry Pop-Tart or cherry. I’m not biased. You got NC State versus Kansas State. We’re getting into the games that are all ranked teams down in Orlando. Buddy, NC State, the Wolf Pack or Kansas State?

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m in on brown sugar cinnamon.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah.

Buddy Rizer:                 And Kansas State.

Raymond Hawkins:        That’s why he’s an executive director right there. That’s why.

Mike Baudendist…:       That’s the best Pop-Tart.

Raymond Hawkins:        Brown sugar cinnamon. That’s right. He won out to me for sure.

Mike Baudendist…:       S’mores is a close second, but I’m going to go with brown Sugar.

Raymond Hawkins:        I’ll give you that. I’ll give you that. S’mores will make the top three. All right. So you got K State or NC State?

Mike Baudendist…:       So is this really the Pop-Tarts Bowl or is there another bowl [inaudible 00:42:38] a sponsor of my Pop-Tarts?

Raymond Hawkins:        It’s in Orlando. That means it probably used to be the Citrus Bowl. I have no idea. But I like the Pop-Tarts.

Mike Baudendist…:       Remember when we were a kid and there was like eight bowl games and you knew every single one of them? I mean this is getting ridiculous. This is a major game-

Raymond Hawkins:        And they were all played on New Year’s Day.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah, these are two ranked teams in the Pop-Tarts Bowl.

Buddy Rizer:                 And you could do a podcast in a half hour.

Raymond Hawkins:        That’s right. That’s exactly right, Buddy.

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m going to do … Let’s go with the Wolf Packs. Yeah, why not? Take the Wolf Pack and the Pop-Tarts Bowl.

Raymond Hawkins:        All right, guys, I can’t believe there’s so many bowls. We’ll get rolling here. All right, let’s knock them out. Alamo Bowl, Oklahoma and Arizona. Buddy?

Buddy Rizer:                 Oklahoma.

Raymond Hawkins:        Here here.

Mike Baudendist…:       Yeah. Here here.

Raymond Hawkins:        Clean sweep for Oklahoma. The Gator Bowl. We’re getting close to New Year’s Day. We got Clemson-Kentucky and the Gator Bowl, finally a bowl that I actually recognize the name. Mike, Clemson or Kentucky?

Mike Baudendist…:       Clemson for sure.

Buddy Rizer:                 Dabo, MAC 22, Clemson. Yep.

Raymond Hawkins:        A hundred percent. Buddy, Dabo’s got his guys putting it all back together. Another great breakfast, Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl. At least, Sun Bowl’s still a name I recognize it. Notre Dame and Oregon State in El Paso. Buddy?

Buddy Rizer:                 I remain a Notre Dame fan. So I’m going to go Notre Dame here.

Raymond Hawkins:        Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       Yep. Absolutely love Notre Dame. Grew up loving Notre Dame. They’re big in bowl games.

Raymond Hawkins:        I don’t think either team gives a hoot. Because of that, I’m going to go with Oregon State.

                                    Liberty Bowl, thank goodness another bowl I recognize the name. We got Memphis versus Iowa State.

Buddy Rizer:                 Memphis.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, right in their hometown. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       I have Memphis as well.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. Memphis playing in their hometown. Give me Memphis. Give me the Tigers. All right. Cotton Bowl. Finally, we start to get some names we recognize. Ohio State and Missouri. I think I know where you’re going, Mike.

Mike Baudendist…:       This is going to be huge. I’m going to make a prediction. No knock on Missouri. This is going to be a big, big, big win for Ohio State. Buddy, put all your money on it.

Buddy Rizer:                 What’s the deal with your quarterback, though?

Mike Baudendist…:       Oh, don’t worry about. We have four other All-Americans behind and it’s not a problem. We’ll put another one in.

Buddy Rizer:                 With that insight, I will go with Ohio State.

Raymond Hawkins:        Give me Eli Drinkwitz. Give me the Drink in Missouri. This is a separation game for the three of us. This is where I pull into the lead when the Missouri Tigers knock off the Ohio State Buckeyes who give a hoot about being in the Cotton Bowl. All right. December 30th. It’s Saturday. We got the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Penn State and Ole Miss.

Mike Baudendist…:       Ole Miss. I am not convinced on Penn State.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, I’m not either. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m flipping a coin on this one. Both have the same record. I’m going with Penn State.

Raymond Hawkins:        I’m on Ole Miss. I just don’t think Penn State cares. All right. We should save the Music City Bowl for last because of the buzz around that game. So we’ll go to the Orange Bowl, Florida State versus Georgia. This is the first game out. So the Seminoles versus the Bulldogs. Buddy, who do you got?

Buddy Rizer:                 Florida State is inspired, I’m sure. I just think Georgia’s a better team.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, for sure. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       This is the Revenge Bowl. These are the two teams that got kind of screwed and so I think this is going to be a great game. I would definitely say it’s going to be won big by Georgia. Big.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. I feel bad for Florida State. They’re a wounded animal but this is where Georgia proves that they should have gotten in and they’re going to beat Florida State by three touchdowns, if not more. On the same day, it’s going to pull viewership without a doubt at 4:30 when this game comes on, Wyoming Toledo. People will definitely be leaving the Georgia game to watch this one at 4:30. Wyoming-Toledo, Buddy, who do you got?

Buddy Rizer:                 I mean, if you just use population theory, I think you got to go with a state over a city. So I’m going to go with Wyoming.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah. I love it. I love it. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       Didn’t even have this one on my list. I don’t even know where you pulled this game out of.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah.

Mike Baudendist…:       [inaudible 00:46:16] Toledo. Actually, [inaudible 00:46:18] the day, I saw them play against Miami. I don’t know. [inaudible 00:46:20] life, I guess, so I’m going to go with Toledo and the MAC.

Raymond Hawkins:        Yeah, give me the MAC. I’ll take the MAC just because I care about the MAC. All right. We’re on to New Year’s Day. We got the ReliaQuest Bowl, LSU versus Wisconsin and Tampa. I have no idea what the bowl used to be. I thought Tampa was a great destination, but I have no idea what ReliaQuest used to be. LSU-Wisconsin, Buddy.

Buddy Rizer:                 LSU.

Mike Baudendist…:       Same

Raymond Hawkins:        Clean sweep for the SEC. I’ll take LSU. Citrus Bowl, Iowa-Tennessee. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       I like Tennessee. I like the colors.

Raymond Hawkins:        Buddy?

Buddy Rizer:                 I think Iowa’s defense has been really strong all year and I think I’m going to go there.

Raymond Hawkins:        If you need to make a tuition payment early in January, play the under on this one, folks. That’s your one gem. You had to stick through 52 minutes of this podcast to get that one. Under in the Citrus Bowl. That one’s free of charge.

Mike Baudendist…:       Free of charge?

Raymond Hawkins:        The Fiesta Bowl. It’s free of charge. Oregon and Liberty in the Fiesta Bowl.

Mike Baudendist…:       Liberty 13 and 0. You don’t hear them crying.

Raymond Hawkins:        That’s right.

Mike Baudendist…:       They’re not crying.

Raymond Hawkins:        They knew they weren’t in the top four.

Mike Baudendist…:       No, but they’re going to get smoked by Oregon, though. So there you go.

Buddy Rizer:                 Yeah, Oregon is so good. I mean we could be having a completely different conversation today but, yeah, Oregon in this one for sure.

Raymond Hawkins:        All right. I’m with you guys. The Ducks absolutely destroy Liberty. All right. Now the two playoff games, Michigan-Alabama. I think this one settles the controversy really quickly, but I do want to hear what you guys have to say. Mike?

Mike Baudendist…:       You know I hate to pick Michigan, but I’m going. It goes against everything in my body to pick Michigan-

Raymond Hawkins:        I was going to say.

Mike Baudendist…:       I know but I watched Alabama play the other day. I think that’s as high as high they’re going to get. I think they’re going to get smoked by Michigan.

Buddy Rizer:                 Yeah, I think that this has been one of Saban’s greatest coaching jobs ever because I don’t think this team’s that good, And I do think that this is setting up for a Michigan victory. So I’m going to go with Michigan here.

Raymond Hawkins:        Wow, guys, I am stunned. I think Alabama wins the game by two touchdowns. Nick, I agree, I think this is an incredible coaching job. Teams mature over the course of the year and I think Nick has this team cresting the wave at absolutely the right time. I think Alabama wins by two touchdowns. I don’t think Michigan’s seeing a defense that’s anywhere in the same neighborhood as Alabama. So give me the Crimson Tide.

                                    Washington-Texas, I think this is the Runner-Up Bowl, but no disrespect to either program. I don’t think either one are as good as the other two. Washington-Texas, Mike, what do you got?

Mike Baudendist…:       I want Washington and yeah, Texas the favorite. I think Washington it’s their deal. I’m going to go to Washington.

Buddy Rizer:                 I’m going to disagree with Raymond and Mike here. I think Texas is the best team right now. I’m going with Texas here and Texas all the way.

Raymond Hawkins:        I just say we might have a Buddy prediction for the whole thing. We will get to the overall winner. We’ve got to come back to Music City Bowl. It’s what everybody’s tuned in for. Auburn-Maryland, we’ve got a second show tomorrow on this game alone. We’ll be covering this game in depth. But for today, we just need your winner, Auburn-Maryland in Nashville.

Mike Baudendist…:       Only for you, I’m going Auburn. I don’t know anything about them. I don’t know what the record was. I don’t know the point spread but, just for you, because you’re my buddy.

Raymond Hawkins:        Mike, I appreciate that. Buddy?

Buddy Rizer:                 And for the sake of the podcast, I feel like I need to go with Maryland, but I’m going to do that-

Raymond Hawkins:        Just as a balance, just for balance.

Buddy Rizer:                 Balance, yeah, just to see if I can get your goat. Maryland’s local to me and they have been inconsistent all year and I’ve lost more than one on Maryland this year. I’m going to go ahead and, just for the sake of having the conversation, I’m going with Maryland.

Raymond Hawkins:        I don’t know if you guys knew this. I went to Auburn. That’s where I graduated from. I know. I don’t know if I’d mentioned that or not. So actually, to quote a famous football coach, I’m matriculated at Auburn and that is where I earned my degree in basket weaving in the ’80s and I think I’m going to go with the Tigers in this one. And now Buddy’s already tipped his hand and he says Texas is winning it all. Mike, tell us who’s winning the whole thing.

Mike Baudendist…:       I’m going to go with a surprise pick here because I don’t want to go … I’m going to say Washington shocks everyone and wins it.

Raymond Hawkins:        So how about this? There’s three of us and we’re going to get three different picks for the whole thing. So Buddy’s on Texas, Mike’s on Washington, and I’m on Alabama. How about that? Three of us on the show and none of us take number one to win it all. So guys, it’ll be fun to watch.

                                    I love the holiday season. I love getting to see my kids and spend time with family and have the big meals and certainly college football is always on. And you two dear friends of mine. I’m so grateful that you got to get on and make a little bit of a podcast with us. A little bit of fun and just enjoy talking football.

                                    Mike, I know you had to get up early. I really appreciate that. Buddy, I know I lay it on heavy and thick, but you are the greatest and we really love our partnership with you and with Loudoun County appreciate it. Our industry owes you a deep, deep debt and we’re certainly grateful you’re there.

                                    Guys, thanks for talking football with us. Y’all enjoy the holiday with your family and if you get a little college football time in, enjoy that. If you do make wagers, only bet what you can afford to lose. Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.