Compass Datacenters and Vertiv: A Sound Solution 

A person with glasses and a jacket bearing a logo stands confidently, partially overlaying a graphic element with orange and gray curves on a white background.

Compass and Vertiv make a small change to fan mounts leading to a marked improvement for data center neighbors.

“It’s refreshing to learn about the mitigation efforts. Not just any company would put in that level of effort to be good neighbors. We really appreciate it.” 

— Stephanie Choi Brookes, Neighbor 

When neighbors near our Leesburg Virginia campus elevated sound concerns, Compass Datacenters and Vertiv went to work. Initial studies revealed that while the sound level was low, there was an elevated pitch creating an issue. Compass and Vertiv teams immediately worked to identify the root cause. Engineers identified a cut-out in the middle fan support bracket was disrupting the flow of intake air, causing it to become turbulent and creating the elevated pitch. 

By re-engineering the fan mounts, the team was able to deliver a 20% reduction in sound pressure at lower frequencies. A software adjustment to systems already in place reduced sound pressure so that no tonality was found at neighborhood sites.