Compass EdgePoint incorporates installation, integration, monitoring and maintenance into a data center solution for campus and edge applications.

A Complete Solution

Featuring an unmatched level of service and support, Compass EdgePoint provides you with more than just a physical data center. By incorporating customization, and pre-and post-installation services, in a single package, Compass EdgePoint dramatically simplifies the implementation and on-going operation of everything from a single campus to multiple edge locations. Each Compass EdgePoint solution package includes:

  • Site preparation: Our personnel obtain all required permits, approvals and utilities connections required to install your EdgePoint units.
  • Installation: We coordinate and oversee all installation activities including site preparation, rigging and commissioning.
  • A Plug-and-Play System: You work with us to specify your unique IT infrastructure requirements, and we perform all rack and stack, power and cable plant integration and configuration at our factory so your data center arrives IT ready to support your applications.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Using our proprietary software, our personnel monitor and perform any required any on-site maintenance including access control, mechanical and electrical plant and, optionally, IT equipment alarms via SNMP for all of your Compass EdgePoint locations.

Redundancy and Reliability

Each Compass EdgePoint unit is housed in a  wind-rated concrete shell and features a 2N MEP design.

Anywhere You Need Them

Compass EdgePoint units are dedicated to you and can be rapidly deployed anywhere your needs require including parking lots, easements and rooftops.


As your applications grow, your Compass EdgePoint solution can grow with you. Additional units can be added to create larger configurations, with our monitoring system providing the ability to view and manage all of your edge located data centers across diverse geographies.

Pictured: Two EdgePoint units combined to provide 20 racks of capacity and 160kW of power.

Ensuring Low Latency and Fiber Integrity

Based on our experience installing and maintaining over 200 modular shelters for leading hyperscale companies, we understand the costs and risks associated with fiber or transport backhauls. Compass EdgePoint’s location flexibility supports your most latency sensitive applications.

To learn more about how Compass can support your edge/campus requirements download our spec sheet.