Data Center Designs

Size Is No Issue. Custom, Move-in Ready Data Centers

Because no two end-users are alike, we’ve developed customizable designs for the largest hyperscaler to the enterprises seeking an alternative to the public cloud. Each design embraces the Japanese Poka Yoke concept, reducing human error through simplicity. And is optimized for sustainability through the use of airside economization and the efficient use of all building materials.


Based on our work with the world’s leading hyperscalers, our 30-36 MW platform enables us to deliver your custom move-in ready data center on any of our hyperscale campuses in under six months.

  • Power: 30-36 MW
  • Building: One or two story options
  • Data Halls: 2-4
  • Configurable office and support space


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Cloud and SaaS

Compass’ 4-6 MW data center design was developed to support the requirements of growing Cloud and SaaS providers.

  • Power: 4-6 MW
  • Building: One story
  • Data Hall: 1-2
  • Configurable office and support space

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Our 1.2-2.4 MW enterprise platform provides a home for applications and information too sensitive for colo or the public cloud.

  • Power: 1.2-2.4 MW
  • Building: One story
  • Data Hall: 1
  • Configurable office and support space

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Compass EdgePoint is the solution when your local, remote or edge needs are measured in kW. EdgePoint is a true data center and not a modified fiber hut or a few servers housed in a box. Each unit includes the functionality and flexibility of a larger facility within a 48’x12′ frame.

  • Available in 100kW, 200kW units
  • Modular solution
  • 12-24 full sized racks
  • Complete with enCompass management and control software

Holistic Sustainability

At Compass, we view sustainability holistically and use this concept to guide our design, construction, and operations.

Water – Water-based cooling methods require substantial amounts of one of our planet’s most precious resources. Our data centers use airside cooling to eliminate the millions of gallons of water required for water-based cooling methods.

Land – We preserve both the value and availability of land by only building when necessary.

Materials – By using standard designs and pre-fabricated components we are able to minimize the waste of building materials and reduce the environmental impact of their production.