A Home for Your Sensitive Information

Some information is too sensitive or important to reside in the public cloud or a colocation facility. A Compass enterprise data center can provide you with the security and control you need. Designed for maximum flexibility, our custom, move-in ready facilities can be delivered in six months on one of our campuses or any other location that you require.

compass enterprise data center

Flexibility Puts You in Control

Expandable in 1.2MW increments, Compass’ enterprise data centers offer a wealth of flexibility to enable you to get the data center you need. We work with you to determine all design elements from data center space and power to office and conference room lay-out.

enterprise data center design

Compass U Insights & Resources

Accounting for Your Data Center

As we all know, nothing lasts forever and accounting practices are no different. In the world of data centers, this means a substantial change in the way leases must be accounted for on the books of all companies following GAAP accounting guidelines beginning in 2018. The purpose of this paper is to explain the value that a Compass data center delivers to you from both a balance sheet and EBITDA perspective…

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IoT and the New Security Model

On October 21 a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Dyn’s internet directory servers prevented a number of end users, especially along the East coast, from doing a variety of internet related activities ranging from tweeting to binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix. As we all know by now, the attack was the result of a malicious botnet, Marai, doing its best Invasion of the Body Snatchers imitation, launching the assault from the multitudes of IP cameras it had infected.

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Data Center Commissioning 101

A webinar about the critical elements of data center commissioning.

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IoT and the Future of Data Center Network Architectures

No one denies that the volume of information traversing the Internet is growing at a rate faster than the rabbit population at your local pet store. The anecdotal evidence surrounds us. In almost any public environment, the guy who stands out is the one who isn’t hunched over a glowing screen with his thumbs tapping out a message faster than a woodpecker assaults a tree trunk.

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