Hyperscale Data Centers

Building Your Hyperscale Data Center

The requirements of hyperscale data centers simply aren’t addressable via a one-size fits all solutions. The base design for our hyperscale data centers has been developed to provide the capacity you need today and tomorrow. Each design is fully customizable to allow you to move in to a data center personalized to your specifications.

hyperscaler data center

Maximum Flexibility. Maximum Control

Adaptability defines our hyperscale designs to put you in control of every aspect of the customization of your facility. Included among your options are:

Building Your Next Data Center

We’ve  built data centers for some of the largest companies in the world from North America to EMEA and are collectively responsible for the construction of over $4B in facilities worldwide.

Our use of advanced building technology combined with our focus on continual improvement means we are constantly refining both our designs and procedures to enable us to deliver your customized data center when and where it’s required.

Learn why we should build your next data center

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