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As a result of our experience designing, installing and providing monitoring and maintenance support for more than 200 major cloud and content provider telecom shelters, Compass has developed our Edgepoint data centers to provide you with a powerful platform designed to address your most demanding edge data center requirements.


Unlike many competing alternatives, you’re not limited by someone’s grand vision when you choose to use our edge data centers. EdgePoint units are available to support your need to do anything from extending your network to adding new revenue generating capabilities and services while preserving your in-place investment.

Every modular and expandable EdgePoint data center features 100kW of power and a 2N MEP architecture housed within a 160 mph wind-rated concrete shell.

EdgePoint’s enCompass software enables remote operations and control of every EdgePoint. From a single pane you can monitor access, reset breakers, test generators and perform other vital functions.

Deployment Flexibility

EdgePoint’s compact size, the equivalent of eight parking spaces, provides you with a host of deployment options for example; rooftops, easements or parking lots.

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Every one of our factory-built EdgePoint data centers features a 12-rack capacity and 100kW of power; is housed in a hardened shell and has a 2N MEP architecture. EdgePoint edge data centers are rapidly deployable and can be located anywhere including your existing locations, easements and rooftops.

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Backhaul Bypass Calculator

Using EdgePoint data centers for your local, remote and edge requirements reduces the number of high bandwidth backhaul circuits required to support your applications and dramatically lowers your monthly transmission costs.

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