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White Space as a Service

Compass Quantum Data Centers

Adding the capacity to support new revenue-generating services, augment existing data centers, or get closer to your customers often requires kW and not MW. Compass Quantum’s White Space as a Service offering enables you to add incremental, remote or edge data center capacity anywhere it’s required. Quantum packages our 100kW modular data centers within a comprehensive services structure for rapid deployment enabling you to avoid using your own capital to quickly add full data center functionality without altering your existing operations or increasing your headcount.

  • Comprehensive service and data center package for kW capacity requirements
  • Scalable to add capacity incrementally as needed
  • Deployed in under four months
  • No geographic limitations
  • No required increases in headcount or operational modifications

All-In-One Data Center

Quantum’s White Space as a Service (WSaaS) model incorporates a 100 kW data center within a suite of services to provide you an alternative to fixed colocation offerings and enable you to deploy new capacity on your own premises, or anywhere else you may require, in as little as four (4) months without disrupting your existing operations or incurring the costs of additional headcount. For each Quantum data center you deploy, Compass Quantum personnel perform the full range of installation and operation activities including:

  1. Site Selection: Quantum solutions can be implemented on your existing sites or our site selection professionals can find locations for you
  2. Site Preparation and Permitting: Acquiring all necessary local permits and developing required engineering drawings to ensure each of your deployments is completed on time and meet jurisdictional requirements
  3. Installation: Management of all aspects of the delivery of your data center from scheduling transport to installing on-site
  4. Monitoring and Operation: Monitoring and maintaining each of your Quantum locations via our integrated enCompass management system


A Budget Friendly Data Center Solution

The immediacy often associated with adding incremental, remote or edge capacity requires a solution that doesn’t disrupt a company’s financial operations. Whether it’s one or 100 units, Quantum enables you to take advantage of Compass Datacenters financial resources to deliver a budget-friendly OpEx solution.

  • Financially structured to eliminate the need for corporate capital requirements and approvals
  • OpEx versus CapEx
  • Deploy Compass’ capital, not yours

Full Data Center Functionality in a Smaller Form Factor

Each Quantum modular 100kW data center is designed to be Tier Ready and housed within a 160 mph wind rated composite shell and can support up to 12-full-sized racks to provide full data center functionality within a 48’x12’ footprint.

Since the needs of a regional telco aren’t the same as a nationwide content delivery provider or an existing data center incrementally adding capacity, you have the choice of multiple backup options (N, N+1, 2N) for each unit you deploy based on your individual site requirements.

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