Compass Datacenters’ “Horizons” Video Series Explores 5G’s Transformative Impact

5G Expert Joshua Ness Discusses How Enhanced Connectivity Will Be a Catalyst for Jobs, Innovation, Bridging the Digital Divide and More

DALLAS – October 17, 2023 – Compass Datacenters has launched a new episode of its popular video series “Horizons,” with a special focus on 5G’s transformative impact. In this episode, Joshua Ness, Emerging Technology Director and former Senior Manager at Verizon 5G Labs, discusses connectivity’s major leap forward and its impact on our lives.

“While previous generations of cellular technology added incremental improvements to connectivity, 5G represents a complete reconstruction of the network making it possible to benefit from high-bandwidth, low-latency, ultra-reliable connectivity. This has implications for so many aspects of the way organizations do business and the way people live their lives, and it paves the way for completely new types of interface technologies,” said Ness.

Ness added: “In the business world, 5G will be a major driver of innovation for new revenue streams, augmenting worker productivity and creating new jobs. It will also be a game-changer for reducing the digital divide not only in the U.S. but around the world.”

Compass Datacenters’ Horizons video series brings together experts from a variety of fields to discuss how our lives will be impacted by internet-based technology. Featuring guests drawn from the worlds of business, science, IT, academia and the media, each episode explores emerging trends having dramatic impacts on the way we work, communicate and entertain ourselves.

Past episodes of the video series have featured experts such as Lev Lesokhin, Technology Product Strategist; Scott Latham, Ph.D. from UMass Lowell Manning School of Business; Scott Steinberg from Intl. Association for Business Development; Digital Sociologist Dr. Julie Albright; Donna Wertalik from Pamplin College of Business; Brandon Valeriano, Ph.D. from Marine Corps University; and Kayla Green, former Head of Cross Channel Strategy and Marketing Insights at Riot Games.

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