Compass Datacenters Introduces Simple Site Selection

Compass Datacenters has introduced a new program called Simple Site Selection that enables customers to simplify and accelerate one of the most time-consuming and complex steps in a data center project: site selection and permitting.

“Identifying and acquiring a parcel of land for a dedicated data center can be a frustrating process for companies planning a new data center because of the complexity of evaluating properties, selecting sites that meet the unique needs of a data center, and then negotiating the purchase,” said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. “Even after a site is acquired, companies then face a new set of challenges when they have to navigate the often byzantine permitting process with local authorities.”

Crosby added: “Those steps can be costly and slow for companies that try to do it themselves or that work with an inexperienced provider. Compass gives customers a way to sidestep all of those headaches with Simple Site Selection, and we do it by working closely with real estate groups and advisors to meet the unique needs of data center projects. With each of these constituents aligned in close collaboration, we can help customers choose the site selection option that makes the most sense for their specific needs, and we can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to start construction.”

Compass’ Simple Site Selection program offers customers three options for accelerating the initial development of their next dedicated data center:

  • Option 1: Pre-Identified Sites – Customers can select one of many data center sites that Compass has pre-identified as ideal for a dedicated data center, enabling them to bypass the traditionally difficult site selection process by jumping ahead to the acquisition stage (which can be done by Compass or the customer itself). After the acquisition, Compass then lends its expertise to accelerate the permitting process.
  • Option 2: Land-Banked Sites – Customers can build on land parcels that Compass controls, enabling rapid progress toward site entitlement, permitting and design. This option provides customers an accelerated path to starting a data center project compared to the pre-identified site route.
  • Option 3: Compass-Owned and Entitled Sites – Customers can begin the design and construction process immediately with this option by building on land that Compass has already acquired and that is already entitled for multiple data centers.

Following are additional details about the markets where each of these options is currently available:

  • For companies interested in Option 1 of Simple Site Selection, Compass has pre-identified data center sites on parcels that are available for immediate purchase in:
    • Atlanta
    • Charlotte
    • Chicago
    • Dallas
    • Minneapolis
    • New Jersey
    • Northern Virginia
    • Phoenix
    • Pittsburgh
    • Salt Lake City
    • Tulsa
  • For companies interested in Land-Banked Sites, Compass currently controls sites in the following markets and is actively working on permitting and site design steps:
    • Atlanta
    • Columbus
    • Dallas
  • For companies interested in Compass-Owned and Entitled Sites, the following markets have Compass-owned data center campuses with available lots that are fully entitled for data center construction:
    • Nashville
    • Raleigh

For more information about these options and about the benefits of Simple Site Selection, visit . Please note that the list of markets will continue to grow in the coming weeks and months, so please contact Compass for an up-to-date list of locations.

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