Compass Datacenters Launches Compass Quantum to Deliver White Space as a Service

New Unit’s White Space as a Service Offering Provides Comprehensive Package to Eliminate the Costs and Headcount Required to Add Incremental Capacity

DALLAS – April 5, 2022 – Compass Datacenters has launched a new business unit, Quantum, to deliver an elegantly-simple and budget-friendly White Space as a Service (WSaaS) solution for adding incremental local, remote or edge capacity. Quantum incorporates a modular data center within a comprehensive service package to eliminate the need to modify operational procedures or add the additional headcount normally associated with network expansion. The service’s lease structure also negates corporate capital requirements to facilitate rapid deployment.

In Quantum’s White Space as a Service (WSaaS) solution, Compass personnel perform the full range of installation and operation activities. This includes site selection, site preparation and permitting, installation, monitoring and operation for each of the company’s full-function 100kW modular data centers’ deployment.

“Companies want to be able to quickly, cost-effectively add small increments of white space exactly where they need it when they need it – without all the logistical, financial and operational headaches related to distributed IT infrastructure,” said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters.

“Our White Space as a Service offering solves all of the most complex and frustrating aspects of deploying distributed digital infrastructure,” said Tony Grayson, General Manager, Compass Quantum. “This is a comprehensive scalable data center and service offering for small capacity requirements anywhere you need it. From downtown in a metro area to the middle of the desert, our team can take care of every step in the process including site selection, permitting and operations. This approach enables our customers to structure this as a straightforward OpEx expense rather than a risky CapEx project.”

“Compass Quantum’s White Space as a Service model is a perfect fit for organizations like ours that are seeking to rapidly deploy a solution to address a specific need – in our case, maximizing the recent federal investment in broadband infrastructure by deploying facilities that bring neutral interconnection, cloud and content to smaller cities and rural areas,” said Tom Ferree, Chairman and CEO of nonprofit Connected Nation. “Building out internet exchange points in smaller markets with a traditional capex model would be very difficult not only in terms of up-front investment but also in terms of the work involved in that scale of site selection, permitting, facility operations and maintenance. With the comprehensive package that Quantum provides, companies get exactly the IT capacity they need without the headache of managing those challenges. That is invaluable for us as we continue with our mission of closing the Digital Divide for all Americans.”

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