Compass Datacenters Launches “Horizons” Video Series

Experts from Business, Academia and the Media Will Discuss How the Next Generation of Internet-Driven Applications Will Impact Our Lives

DALLAS – March 15, 2021 – Compass Datacenters’ new Horizons video series brings together experts from a variety of fields to discuss how our lives will be impacted by internet-based technology in a post-COVID world. Featuring guests drawn from the worlds of business, science, IT, academia and the media, each episode will discuss how emerging trends will have dramatic impacts on the way we work, communicate and entertain ourselves.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is, to-date, the defining event of the 21st century and has dramatically increased our reliance on technology,” said Raymond Hawkins, Chief Revenue Officer of Compass Datacenters. “Everyone agrees the exponential increases in information will drive greater data center demand, but Horizons looks beyond technology and brings together thought leaders across a number of disciplines to examine the long-lasting societal, economic and regulatory changes coming in the years ahead.”

Episodes of the “Horizons” series will be published every-other-month throughout 2021, starting on March 16. The first three episodes focus on:

  • The Future of Work – This episode will feature Dr. Scott Latham, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Manning School of Business (University of Massachusetts-Lowell). He will explore how the dramatic changes to workplaces during the pandemic will lead to long-lasting changes in how companies collaborate, communicate and innovate.
  • The World of Gaming – Scott Steinberg, CEO of Tech Savvy Global, will be featured in this episode. He will delve into the next generation of gaming applications, their impact on the entertainment industry, and how innovations enhancing the user experience will expand into unexpected areas of our lives.
  • Cybersecurity: How Safe is Safe? – Former DoD Cyber Branch Chief and Cybersecurity expert Tyler Cohen-Wood, CISSP will be featured in this episode. She will discuss how increasingly-sophisticated cybersecurity threats will affect our concepts of privacy and how individuals, businesses and governments use technology.

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