New Capabilities and Pricing From Compass Datacenters Takes Aim at Big Market Wholesale Data Center Solutions

Compass Datacenters has unveiled new capabilities and pricing for its data centers that enhances its superiority to wholesale data center space even in Tier 1 markets. In addition to delivering a long list of new enhancements to customers, Compass continues to alter the traditional economics for data centers by making dedicated facilities cost-competitive with wholesale solutions in multi-tenant facilities.

“This new suite of capabilities and pricing is a game changer for data center customers—making superior dedicated data center facilities as cost-effective as shared wholesale space for the first time,” said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass. “In the past, wholesale space was cheaper, but it came with a lot of tradeoffs, compromises and pricing gimmicks like charging separately for office space. We started Compass to offer customers a real alternative to that model by incorporating the most desired mission critical features like Tier III constructed facility Uptime certification, a hardened building and future proofing via simultaneous high and low density support — combined with an array of personalization options, within a single package.”

Crosby added: “The new enhancements we are announcing today include all these original capabilities and expand on them by offering even more functionality and performance at even lower price points. Now you don’t need to settle for the disadvantages of wholesale space just to save on data center costs in even the largest markets. You can get an all-included, high-end, dedicated facility that is certified and highly-personalizable for the same price.”

New features and capabilities of the enhanced design include:

  • The ability to “mix and match” power and raised floor capacities to support multiple data hall configurations day one or with future expansions, including:
    • Column-free raised floor area options in 10,000 to 16,000 square foot increments with no cooling units on the floor
    • Power options in 1.2MW increments in any raised floor configuration, such as 2.4MW in 10,000 square feet
    • Two options for growth and future proofing
      • Use the patented pay-as-you-go expansion capability for growth needs using CompassConnect™
      • Add additional capacity in the future in 1.2MW increments to existing day one raised floor space, such as doubling the density of a 1.2MW datacenter to 2.4MW
    • A far-lower PUE that has been reduced by as much as 50% to a range of 1.1 to 1.25 in all markets with NO water consumption by introducing indirect airside economization
    • A penetration-free roof over the data hall
    • More than 75 personalization options including customer’s security systems, rack layouts, power distribution and even corporate branding

“Compass has always offered a strong solution for Tier 2 and 3 markets, but the addition of these new capabilities and pricing structure make them a formidable competitor to even the largest MTDC providers in major markets like Dallas and Atlanta as well,” said Bo Bond, Managing Director at Jones Lang LaSalle. “Enabling customers to select their facility size and power density, personalize it to meet their requirements and have it delivered in six months, are capabilities that make Compass an attractive alternative to MTDC’s for any company seeking a new data center.”

Crosby added: “Our original data center offering has been very successful, but a cornerstone of our company culture is to always seek out improvements. These new capabilities are the culmination of more than two years of dialogue with every member of our customers, team, key technology partners, industry peers and prospects—all in pursuit of enhancements that would help Compass’ raise the standard for mission critical data centers. The result is a facility that includes more functionality and personalization capability than even the largest MTDC providers that can be delivered in six (6) months from breaking ground on a pad ready site”.

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