Edge Data Centers

A Real Data Center Solution for Your Edge and Network Requirements

“It’s not a container, baby, it’s a data center”
–Lance Crosby, CEO, StackPath

As a result of our experience designing, installing and providing monitoring and maintenance support for more than 200 major cloud and content provider telecom shelters, Compass has developed our Edgepoint data centers to provide you with a powerful platform to support your edge and network extension initiatives. Each EdgePoint unit supports up to 12 full-size racks to support your most demanding hardware requirements via our “No Compromises” architecture.

Complete Edge Solution

200 Shelters Deployed and Monitored

2N Reliability

Remote Site Monitoring Capability

See the Difference

The Building Block for Your Next Generation Network


Unlike many competing alternatives, you’re not limited by someone’s grand vision when you choose to use our edge data centers. Whether you’re a wireline carrier, MNO or tower provider, EdgePoint units are available to support your need to do anything from extending your network to adding new revenue generating capabilities and services while preserving your in-place investment.

“With this solution, I don’t have to retrain my people. It’s just like going from one data center cage to another.”
— Wen Temitim, CTO, StackPath

Using the advanced monitoring and control capabilities of our BitBox software you have the ability to view the status of the critical functions of each EdgePoint unit, and reduce the cost of unit maintenance by performing maintenance operations via a single pane central console.

EdgePoint Data Centers

Every one of our factory-built EdgePoint data centers features a 12-rack capacity and 100kW of power; is housed in a hardened shell and has a 2N MEP architecture. EdgePoint edge data centers are rapidly deployable and can be located anywhere including your existing locations, easements and rooftops.

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