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The Locate it Anywhere, Dedicated, Build-to Order Alternative

If you’re a company that needs a data center in a location where other providers won’t build, that is dedicated to you and can be built to your unique specifications, then we need to talk. At Compass, we leverage our experience gained in building over $3B in data centers worldwide, to deliver your build-to-order data center wherever it’s required.

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You’re in Control

As a Compass customer, you not only tell us where you’d like us to build your data center but define the major aspects of the facility as well, including:

  • You determine the power and space configuration
  • Cabling and power distribution are fitted out to your specifications
  • You select from over 75 additional configuration operations to further customize the solution

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Compass’ data center architecture is designed to provide you with a flexible platform that can be adapted to meet your needs.
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Data Center Architecture

Every end-user solution Compass delivers is based on our standard 1.2 MW building block. The basic elements of this design enable customers to do everything from mixing and matching their space and power requirements to determining their standard expansion unit configurations.

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Customization Options

Your facility should reflect your corporate personality, and on-going needs, so we offer you more than 75 personalization options so you can optimize your data center for the way you operate.

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