Building a Sustainable Future

Data centers provide the foundation for the data-driven capabilities and applications changing the way we work, learn and communicate. The mission critical facilities we design and build enable our customers to continue envisioning, developing and delivering innovative solutions addressing the needs of our rapidly evolving world. At Compass we believe our ability to continually evolve to meet the present and future needs of the marketplace is achieved through the concept of holistic sustainability.

We are responsible for the impact of our efforts on the land, natural resources, surrounding communities, and customers. The goal of creating and maintaining a sustainable future for our data centers guides the way we design, construct and operate them. Sustainability also includes providing a safe and diverse environment enabling our company to grow and our employees to flourish.

Reducing Environmental Impact

We design and build our data centers with the expressed goal of preserving the environment.


We strive to protect the natural environment and improve the land around Compass campuses by restoring wildlife habitats, building hike and bike trails, planting pollinators and improving storm water drainage systems where needed.


Water-based cooling methods require substantial amounts of one of our planet’s most precious resources. Our data centers use airside cooling to eliminate the millions of gallons of water required for water-based cooling methods.


By using standard designs and pre-fabricated components we are able to minimize the waste of building materials and reduce the environmental impact of their production.

Carbon Emissions

Compass was the first data center provider to use Carbon Cure concrete for the construction of all of our campuses to reduce the level of CO2 produced by 1,800 tons per location which is the equivalent of driving a car four million miles.

Energy Efficiency

Our data centers are designed to have a PUE of under 1.5 regardless of their physical location. Each of our campuses is strategically located to maximize their access to renewable generated power.

Member iMasons Climate Consortium

A Safe and Inclusive Workplace

We believe a safe and inclusive workforce provides our employees with the opportunity learn and grow to enhance their personal satisfaction and enable us to provide our customers with a level of service and performance exceeding their expectations.

Creating an inclusive environment allows us to continually improve every aspect of our business through the differing experiences and viewpoints of our team. We are committed to continue to cultivate a diverse organization enhancing our internal operations and our ability to provide the highest level of service and support to our customers.