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Building a Sustainable Future

At Compass, we realize our responsibility in building data centers includes their impact on multiple areas including the land they are built on, natural resources, surrounding communities, and customers. Our vision for creating and maintaining a sustainable future guides the way each facility is designed, built and operates. The sustainable elements of your data center’s development and operations include:

Reducing Environmental Impact

We design and build our data centers with the expressed goal of preserving the environment.

A water free design enables you to operate your data center without the annual cost of 8.7 million gallons of water per megawatt associated with water-based cooling systems. Compass’ data centers have been water-free since 2012.

Reflective roofing to eliminate heat islands and reduce GHG emissions by as much as 4813 tons annually.

Construction using CarbonCure® manufactured concrete, a process which sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and injects it into the concrete mix, replacing a portion of the cement needed to reach the strength required. This can reduce annual Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by up to 266 tons* (*Based on a 36MW data center.)

As much as a 20% overall reduction in concrete requirements made possible by our use of Concrete AI algorithms. These algorithms reduce our carbon footprint and increase strength using big data to optimize our mix of available aggregates and mix-ins to concrete.

Instead of driving 10-miles back and forth to the local batch plant, our on-site batch plants significantly reduce Scope 2 emissions.

A dedicated campus sub-station to reduce transmission loss versus connectivity to an off-site location. Additionally, our FRI transformers provide a sustainable fluid to cool versus oil-based transformers.

HVO-based bio-fueled back-up generators to reduce GHG emissions by 85%.

Member iMasons Climate Consortium

A Safe and Inclusive Workplace

At Compass, we value diversity of personality, thought, socio economic background, race, gender, religion and all of the other wonderful differences of humanity. By aligning our team around a strong vision and vibrant culture, we are able to drive towards the best solutions for our customers, partners and employees.