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Who Said Data Centers Can’t Be Fun?

Data Center Fairy - Compass DatacentersData center folks are very serious people. If you’ve ever read a white paper, attended a seminar, or looked at their websites the first thing you’d say is, “man, these are some serious people”. This isn’t to say that a presentation on the efficiency of variable speed fans can’t be scintillating if your in the right mood, but you’re not going to bust a gut at the rapier like wit of the presenter either. Even data center advertising is serious. Picture a small group of people sitting around a conference table looking like they all had a bad burrito for lunch with a headline equating to “Serious Data Center Solutions for Serious People” and you pretty much have captured the theme of the average data center ad. This industry emphasis on the dour makes the funeral business look positively whimsical.

Here at Compass we recognize the importance of our data centers to the success of our customers’ objectives but we also don’t believe that scaring or boring them to death is the best way to deliver our message. We think that since we developed our standalone data center product by thinking differently we should communicate differently as well. Our business is to provide solutions to customer requirements and that’s why we have adopted the Data Center Fairy to be our corporate spokesman. After all, aren’t all requirements really just wishes that customers need granted? Of course they are, and the Fairy illustrates our commitment to listen to our customers and talk them simply and informally, rather than bludgeoning them into submission with materials and information that are presented with all the style and panache of a tax guide.

Our goal is to not only offer a unique data center product to our customers but to serve as an educational resource to the industry as well. We just don’t believe that doing it the same old way is still works within a realm that is rapidly evolving. By following the Data Center Fairy on Facebook or Twitter you can stay abreast of important information on the data center industry in general and, of course, new innovations here at Compass without the risk of nodding off at your desk. So although we’re serious about data centers we promise that we’ll always talk to you like a friend. And I mean that. Seriously.