Building for What’s Next: Phoenix Data Centers

This image features a dimly lit bridge in fog with text asking "Why a Phoenix Data Center Campus?" and the logo of Compass Datacenters on the bottom right.

Historically, building a data center on the West Coast meant heading out to Northern California’s Bay Area, a longstanding hotbed for West Coast data center development. In recent years, however, the area’s high cost and lack of suitable sites caused many hyperscalers to look elsewhere. In 2016, Compass Datacenters was searching for a site to service the West Coast – other than the Bay Area. After examining several emerging areas, like Hillsboro, Oregon and Reno, Nevada, we found the ideal location outside Phoenix, Arizona.

The western suburb of Goodyear provided the land and infrastructure we needed to support hyperscalers seeking capacity in the western U.S. Our decision was quickly validated when multiple cloud providers chose to build their latest campuses in Goodyear within a year of our arrival. This area is now second in the country, behind Northern Virginia data centers, in terms of capacity under construction.

Goodyear is supported by Arizona Public Services, who work with Compass to customize their infrastructure. Together, we build 235-kilovolt and 69-kilovolt substations that deliver 240 megawatts of capacity for the 190-acre campus, all at rates lower than competing alternatives.

Supporting the hyperscale community means anticipating where you want to go next. At Compass, we’re always thinking ahead to ensure we’re providing capacity in the data center markets you need now and in the future. Compass, we build for what’s next.