You Have to S**k at Something…

You Have to S**k at Something...So many data center companies these days are consumed with the compulsion to offer solutions for every potential customer requirement. As a result they seem rather schizophrenic in terms of their public personas, “I’m a wholesale data center provider, no wait I’m a colocation company, sure I’ll do a build to suit for you…”. Naturally this multiplicity of service offerings begs the question, “can a data center provider be all things to all people”? The answer, quite simply, is no. This fact is expressed in the old adage “If you try to be everything to everyone you’ll be nothing to no one” or as I like to say, “To be great at something you must s**k at something else”.

Maintaining an unerring focus on what they do best is difficult for many companies–Microsoft Zune anyone?—particularly as they get larger. I guess that achieving a certain level of success promotes an air of invincibility. The question becomes not one of should we, but as Napoleon said when someone suggested he invade Russia, “Why not”? Deviations from their core strengths typically end up badly for both the offending companies and their customers.

At Compass we know that our strength is building Truly Modular data center solutions for our customers wherever they need them that simplify their capacity planning and enhance their control of their operations. This is what we endeavor to be great at. Naturally this means that in order to achieve our objectives we readily admit that we’d be pretty lousy at something else. Companies may come to us to have us to do a build to suit project but I don’t think either they, or us, would be terribly happy with the results. There are great companies out there that are experts at it and I’d be happy to refer you to them. We know what we’re good at and that’s what we focus on. We want customers to know that if they need a state of the art data center outside one of the existing major markets that we have the answer to that requirement. The issue facing many data center customers today that too many providers will answer yes to any requirement.