Raw Punditry: 2019

For those of you who are old enough to remember, Rodney King once asked perhaps the greatest societal question of all time when he inquired, “Can’t we all just get along?” Nowadays, presenting someone with an alternate point of view can result in anything from multiple Twitter-delivered ad hominem attacks to actual physical threats on you and your family, and that was just the response from my mom when I asked why we always have to have that nasty green bean casserole with Christmas dinner. We have all seen the volcanic reactions to life’s more important disagreements throughout 2018. Someone once said that “Freedom isn’t free”, but I don’t think they were referring to the costs of hospitalizations, property damage and smoldering vehicles. Let’s all step back and take a collective deep breath here people. In the interest of free speech and constructive dialog, here are my industry predictions for 2019.


  • The first edge “killer app” has to do with network – but it’s not latency. The desire to eliminate network cost and bypass long haul transport costs for all those huge content updates starts the first surge of edge deployments.
  • Municipal tax revenues in Ashburn, Virginia will exceed the GDP of a small island nation.
  • Infrastructure investors (ex: airports, toll roads and ports) will continue to pour into data centers now that the flood gates have been opened.
  • Clever inventor discovers that plastic straws provide a superior fiber sheathing for metro fiber than current materials. Municipalities across the country repeal straw bans. Clever inventor corners straw market; millions call for the DOJ to break up the monopoly.
  • Central offices outpace cell phone towers as the first deployments of edge data centers.
  • Software Defined Networks and Network Service Virtualizaton/ really start whacking huge chunks of market share away from legacy MPLS networks.
  • Multiple 200MW+ campuses are announced and built in attempt to keep pace with cloud growth.
  • Articles proliferate regarding all aspects of 5G except how to pay for it.
  • Sales of the children’s book, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, explode when inquisitive nine-year-old’s video asking, “Why exactly do we need driverless cars anyway?” goes viral.
  • Rappers Lil Wayne, YG, Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz actually refer to the upgrade to 400G networks in the hit song “My Pipes Be Bigger than Yours”.


So, there you have it my friends, my take on all things data centers for the next 12 months. I think we can all agree that these are topics of discussion that we can converse on without anyone throwing rocks through windows or mailing each other pipe bombs. Folks, your children are watching. Loving thy neighbor as thyself is behavior that we should all want them to emulate and embrace.